Why We Exist

To create spaces and moments that enable individuals, communities and organisations to transform wicked problems into opportunities. To do this using engaging, transformative and creative practices based on robust methodologies that include the whole person - brain, body, emotions and senses - the good, the bad and the ugly.

To help individuals in communities and organisations develop their creativity and self-expression.

Erika Jacobson - CEO and Founder

BA, MA International & Community Development, PhD

I created Act Out because I wanted to change the way I was doing community development. I was trying to help people and communities change but it was not happening effectively. I set out to search ways to do this better.

And I found some. I think we need to have fun and be playful while we examine and tackle difficult problems. I think we need to be comfortable and safe to be exactly who we are to transform issues. And I think this can only happen through practices that engage the whole person, the body, the brain, the senses, the emotions and the spirit – the good, the stunning and the not so stunning!

I started using theatre, especially Augusto Boal’s social theatre (informed by social educator Paulo Freire) because theatre gives us an opportunity to observe each other and ourselves. Then I synergized with the work of Otto Scharmer, David Bohm, Maxine Greene, Ken Wilbur, Allan Kaplan, Peter Senge and many other wonderful social thinkers and practitioners - go on, Google them! That’s how I ended up with the approaches we use today.

I am proud of all the work we do with communities and organisations. I am especially proud of our work with Aboriginal communities and their young people. I also count as an achievement the successful work in Tibet in very sensitive political conditions on the taboo issue of sexual & reproductive health with communities at-risk.

Something is working! And the transformation continues.

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