Transforming Communities

Community Theatre

We create transformative community theatre!
We use robust social change approaches and applied theatre practices to engage communities around challenging issues. We collect individual stories, facilitate expression and help your community solve problems through performance and creativity.

Are you dealing with domestic & family violence? Sexual and physical abuse? Youth suicide? Bullying at school? Are your young people involved in risky behaviours around sex, drugs or alcohol? Is your community feeling excluded or marginalized? What is stopping your community from thriving and growing? We can help you create community dialogue and bring your community together to help solve these issues. We are leading the way in WA in participative theatre events generating solutions from the ground up and we are helping communities get great results.

The Elephant in the Room

How long has everyone been tiptoeing around the issue? What is everyone afraid of? What’s at the heart of the issue? What is keeping your community and its people from fulfilling and satisfying lives? If you are ready to do something about it, we are here to help. But we are not therapists! We are going to make you play your way through the tough and wicked issues facing your community.

We use the latest approaches in applied theatre, transformative and generative practices in our programs and workshops. We will not shy away from naming, unveiling and working with the elephant in the room. In fact, we will help you transform the issue into an opportunity for your community to grow and learn.

We have a strong track record of successfully helping individuals and communities examine, deconstruct and move on from insidious and persistent issues.

International Community Development

We do it all overseas too! Sexual and reproductive health, social exclusion and gender inequities are some of the issues we have tackled in the past.

We have also helped train local trainers and community workers in participative and transformative tools for community development.

We work closely with local grassroots organisations, NGOs, government agencies and communities. In fact, we belong to a growing international network of practitioners helping communities tackle tough social challenges.

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