Small acts of creativity

Sometimes the most seemingly mundane actions can fulfil our creative yearnings. Here are some simple actions for sparking up everyday creativity:

Bake a cake (and ice it), re-pot some plants and flowers, decorate the pots with broken crockery, write a postcard to a friend, read a poem, read another one (out loud), write a poem, make a soup you’ve never made before, make scones, tidy up your toolbox, go for a walk around your suburb and take photos of letterboxes, do a jigsaw puzzle, knit a beanie, make a CD with your favourite tunes, send it to a friend out of the blue….be creative, start small.

In the beginning…

… for about fifteen minutes, I thought I had invented Theatre of the Oppressed!! Seriously!

It is July 2006, I had been thinking about Pedagogy of the Opressed, wondering how I could use it with the Tibetan people I was working with. My job for an Aussie NGO in Lhasa required the dissemination of reproductive and sexual health education and the population we worked with, although by no means victims, were very much socially excluded, with many layers of oppression impacting on their life choices and ultimately their well-being. What is more, I kept thinking, could pedagogy of the oppressed be used with the oppressor? Was there a space in which the oppressor himself would be able to inform himself of his part in the inequality, especially the oppressor who is an oppressor by default, i.e. all of us in some way or other? Was it possible to work within a pedagogy of the oppressor?

Then the idea hit me. What about theatre? Theatre of the Oppresed…what about Theatre of the Oppressor?!!!

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