Transforming Organisations

Creativity and Innovation Programs

Do you want innovative strategic planning? Are you up for exciting staff and client development? Are you looking to establish a culture of creativity? We can help!

Our theatre-based and creative thinking techniques will engage the imagination, motivate participation and give you results - straight away. We will not only help increase the overall creative and idea generating output of your teams, we will also support you in establishing sustainable creative practices that will keep on working way after we are gone.

Team Building

We have helped hundreds of people reconnect with their colleagues and develop deeper and more enriching relationships. That means people get on better, they enjoy being at work and they are more effective.

We have playfully (but respectfully) helped examine and tackle tough and sensitive issues and situations at work. We have helped many organisations identify and subsequently deal with bullying, racism, sexism, apathy, and the roots of serious conflict…while people have fun!

Training & Coaching

Do you want your people to be more dynamic and engaging when they present, facilitate and interact with others?

We can help increase their confidence, improve their knowledge of non-verbal communication and develop dynamic presentation skills. We will even pass on fun and playful techniques that will make them stand out and keep people paying attention.

We offer group sessions and one-on-one coaching programs to compliment existing professional development. We help you help your people pursue their individual personal goals alongside the organisation’s strategic aims. Meaning they add balance, satisfaction and wellbeing to their work experience AND feel effective and successful.

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